Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travel Bites - Attleboro

After years of hearing about the land of the Motts, I finally made my way to Attleboro, Massachusetts to see where my father-in-law's family grew up. It was great to actually spend some quality time with everyone (the wedding weekend wasn't exactly packed with free time) and get a grand tour of all of the wonderful places that I had heard about so many times. 
The House at Lindsey Street
We capped off our weekend in New England with a big ole traditional clam bake for Nancy's 80th birthday celebration.
The Mott Matriarch
Now that the seaweed was ready to go, there were just a few other last-minute preparations before the big event. So, we dug the pit, prepped the food, started the fire, loaded up goodies, and enjoyed some brews while the steam worked its magic.
The ritual sacrifice . . . I mean Hans and his artfully-constructed fire stack.
The Corn Husking Crew
Purging the Clams
After the fire smolders down to red hot rocks, add the seaweed,
then the seafood, cover and steam.
A few, short, delicious-smelling hours later, the perfectly
cooked shellfish are unveiled.
Wicked excited about our lobstaaas!
We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, chatting, and laughing and it was pretty darn awesome. I think I'll invite myself up there every year for tasty seafood and wonderful company.
Mott Family Clam Bake 2012

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