Food Finds

The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards --
Lydia and Tim choose this quaint, historic location
for their upcoming wedding.

It's a great place to sitt back and enjoy a glass of
wine with family and friends.
Thai X-ing -- This unassuming eatery is tucked
away in a rowhouse near LeDroit Park.

Chef Taw Vigsittaboot serves up traditional,
authentic Thai recipes family-style in a
genuinely down-home setting.
Chesapeake Crab and Beer Fest --
We venture over to National Harbor for
what ended up being a beautiful afternoon. 

The Festival boasts over 50 beers and wines,
40,000 crabs, plus steamed corn on the cob,
and cole slaw.
Lower Breaux Bridge Brew House -- LBBBH takes 
the low-tech approach to brewing: simple equipment, 
simple ingredients. 

"It is more important to enjoy the quality control 
process than to fuss about the brewing process!"

Louisiana Fig Season -- It's that time! This year's 
early crop is ripe and ready for picking!

My parents spent the weekend out in Breaux Bridge 
collecting a batch of these luscious, honeyed fruits.

Home Plate Box at Nationals Park -- My birthday 
present to Jared this year consisted of some ballin' 
tickets to the Nationals vs. Rays game.

The seats came with complimentary food, beer, wine, 
and soft drinks AND in-seat service. So, you didn't have
to miss a second of the game to grab another beer.

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