Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Voodoo on the Bayou

Happy Halloween folks! What better way to commemorate All Hallows' Eve than with a little Louisiana voodoo?

Marie Laveau is the late, great, undisputed Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. According to folklore, this exceptional beauty got rich selling gris-gris and her advice was sought after by world leaders. She danced with a snake and presided over blood-drenched rituals. And her powers caused the death of at least one Governor and one Lieutenant Governor.

It is believed that when a Voodoo Queen dies, her spirit re-enters the river of life and moves to the next realm, adjacent to this one. So, Laveau's spirit is always close at hand. To this day, people still visit her tomb in St. Louis Cemetery to call on her undying spiritual powers with the hope that she will grant their wishes.

One local pizza joint created a dish with a Cajun twist in honor of this South Louisiana legend. The Marie LeVeaux at Deano's Pizza in Lafayette is crowned with the biggest, tastiest Blue Point crabs, sauteed with mushrooms, onions and spices to create an amazingly flavorful and unique pie. Our family prefers to pay homage by eating our gris-gris instead of traipsing through a maze of above-ground graves.

Deano's, one of my ultimate hometown favorite spots, is also home to the Cajun Executioner - a pizza that will leave you breathing fire - topped with pepperoni, hot sausage, spicy shrimp, fresh onions, bell peppers, and jalapeños. Or try the Muffalata Pie - their version of a muffuletta sandwich - ham, salami, homemade olive salad with a special blend of spices and cheese piled high on a special olive oil pizza crust.

And if that's not enough for you, start your meal off with their Crawfish Nachos. Crisp tortilla chips topped with tender crawfish tails in a creamy, cheesy, spicy sauce. You'll be licking the plate clean.
Deano's Crawfish Nachos

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