Monday, May 21, 2012

Le Début

I was born and raised in South Louisiana. Growing up in the heart of Cajun Country, I spent every summer water skiing on the Bayou Teche and learning to cook with my parents and grandmothers.
Mommom and her famous Macaroni and Cheese
Just like any good Cajun, I like to make great food out of whatever is available to me. And then, of course, enjoy that meal with family, friends, and anyone else who happens to be around.

Earlier this year, I married a boy from Mississippi. Jared is an avid hunter and angler and, over our years of dating, I have learned how to turn his dead things into some pretty tasty meals. So, I plan to share some of those recipes and other family favorites and food finds here.
South Dakota Duck Hunt
Jared and I are now settling into our weird little life together in Washington, D.C., where I attempt to drag him out to enjoy the hustle and bustle of our nation's capital. And Jared brings me out to the suburbs to fish for various Potomac River delicacies. I also join him for the occasional deer hunt -- which consists of me napping in the treestand.

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