Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Carnival Time

Happy Mardi Gras (season)! Yes, friends, it is that special time of year again. Yesterday brought with it the feast of the Epiphany and now, it's carnival time. So, prepare yourselves for king cakes, parades, beads, balls, and every other welcomed indulgence during this most decadent and frivolous season!

In anticipation of the good times and good food to come (even all the way up here in DC), here's a little taste of my all-time favorite king cake. Courtesy of the old Southside Bakery in Lafayette.
Photos by Lindsey Michelle Photography
Last year, Jared and I got hitched on Samedi Gras, the Saturday before Mardi Gras. And we used it as an excuse to commission our very own tower of king cake. It was a bit unexpected, but beautiful and absolutely delicious. Here's hoping that this year brings just as much joy and just as much king cake as the last.  

Oh well it's carnival time, and everybody's having fun!

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