Saturday, September 1, 2012

Travel Bites - Home Sweet Home

Thanks to our wedding earlier this year (and to the weddings of countless friends), it had been quite a long time since I traveled home with no particular agenda or schedule. So, it was really nice when Jared and I just hopped on a plane and spent five wonderful days in Louisiana, visiting family and friends, water skiing on the bayou, and relaxing on the slow days of summer. And, while back in Cajun country, we, of course, squeezed in a few meals at some of our favorite places.
The weekend began with breakfast at Meche's Donut King. These baked goodies are soft, doughy and practically melt in your mouth. They are served up warm and fresh and doused lovingly in a sugary glaze. Add a cup of Community Coffee and you are fueled up for the day. My favorites are the plain glazed donuts, but the apple fritters and Bavarian cream-filled donuts are a close second.

While we were in town, my parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary. So, Jared and I used that as an excuse to take Pete and Claude out one night. We returned to Café Des Amis, site of our infamous rehearsal dinner, in Breaux Bridge . . . partially because it's in the city where my parents met oh so many years ago, but mainly because it's amazing and we selfishly wanted to go back.

This eclectic joint is nestled in a beautiful old downtown building and is decorated with paintings and musings of local artists (rotating new pieces each month). It is also home to the famous Zydeco Brunch, which is basically a jazz brunch on steroids. People pack in on Saturdays and Sundays to enjoy Cajun cuisine and dance the morning away. Don't know how to dance to Zydeco music? Don't worry. A local will most likely harass you to join them if you look even remotely interested. Just embrace it.

We opted for dinner, instead, revisiting some of the things that we had been drooling over since the wedding in February: alligator sausage cheesecake; Yellowfin Tuna Rockefeller - seared tuna served on a bed of creamed spinach then etched with crawfish étouffée; and their white chocolate bread pudding - topped with a delicate white chocolate sauce.
The next day, we worked off some of that good Cajun cooking with an afternoon on the bayou. 

Pete and I taught my friend Megan how to water ski (with only a few wipeouts and bayou water nasal enemas to account for). Jared worked on perfecting his skills. Claude and Aunt Doris sat on the porch swing in the shade. And the day just sort of melted away.

As the sun went down, we fired up the grill for one last tasty meal. This time, we picked up a few pre-seasoned sirloin burgers and stuffed quails at the local Rouse's Supermarket. My dad cracked open a few bottles of his latest LBB brew and we got to grilling.
The Swamp Rat Ski Team
A man and his oil drum-turned grill.
We definitely slept well that night. And we left Louisiana the next day with full stomachs and heavy hearts. Cheers to a leisurely weekend in the boot!

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